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the road leads back to you

2 January
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William T. Jenkins

Rather average heighted fella reachin’ about 5’9” His brown hair has light streaks through it from the sun, not like them yanks that use bleach. Glints of red tend to give away his Irish-heritage though. His skin is usually a healthy tan color but he doesn’t bother caring about those lines the Californian’s are always going on about. During the summer he has more freckles brought out by the sun but they lessen during the winter months.

William is usually very calm but gets real nervous when travelling in the cities. William harbors a dislike for his northern relations but recognizes that he really does need them in this world, but that doesn’t mean he has to like them. Like George, William cares most about his friends and family and can be very protective of them, which is why the Water Wars with Alabama and Florida hurt him so much.
Though he doesn’t quite think of Florida as part of the South he still does love him and likes to visit. He hates that fact that the North seems to look down on him for his speech habits. He knows he has bad grammar but doesn’t seek to fix it, except when trying to fit in with the Northern States. The problem is that when he gets mad his southern accent gets even stronger.

William despises cold weather, he has never been able to acclimate well to it. This doesn’t mean he actually likes how hot it can get, he just pretends not to care to impress his northern neighbors.

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